Nexus Managed Services: Performance Without Interruption.

Managed Services from Nexus provides peace of mind for your leadership team when uptime and security matters and a positive experience for employees who need IT support. We take IT off your “to-do” list so you can focus on your business.

If you face any of these common concerns, we can help.

  • How do I plan for IT support in my new space?
  • How do I minimize surprises with my current and future IT spend?
  • How do I reduce my frustration with IT?
  • How do I get help for our in-house IT team that’s overloaded?
  • How do I get more proactive IT support & eliminate staff downtime?
  • How do I get our company out of tech debt?
  • How do I automate IT to be more efficient?
  • How do I prevent security incidents?

Fast, Simplified Same-Day Computer Builds

Computer Builds are one of the top frustrations for companies and it is an important first impression for their new employees.  Below is what we do to simplify and impress their new employees.

Comprehensive Managed Services Without the Complexity.

Our Managed Services offering provides full support across planning, execution, maintenance, and everyday IT support for employees.

Nexus provides a Quarterly Business Review with a regular technical assessment to ensure the IT environment is consistent and updated, and potential issues are proactively addressed.

We understand the dynamics of progress in technology and how that impacts the business environment. We provide a full review of your network, applications and devices to prevent vulnerabilities and protect you from both technical and management risks.

Businesses typically acquire new IT tools on a rolling basis to stay competitive, but this can create additional expenses and regulation considerations that can quickly become unmanageable. Our IT infrastructure services solves this problem and helps you better understand and control costs while providing you with a technology roadmap that aligns with your business goals.

We provide 24×7 proactive monitoring of your network, servers, workstations, cloud and overall security to mitigate risk to your organization.

Security is a top concern and a focus for every business. Our support in this area includes threat analysis, ongoing network security patching, multi-factor authentication, email malware protection and web filtering services to prevent access to harmful data and ensure all workstations are secure and compliant.

See what our clients are saying?


Nexus provides services that are current and necessary for your business and its immediate needs. We do our research to ensure the right combination of technology to meet modern business challenges and threats and those we see on the horizon. We constantly monitor and evolve our services portfolio to stay ahead of the market and relevant in the industries we serve.

Yes. A hybrid workforce has unique challenges that traditional MSPs can’t always solve. However, with our MSP deployment approach we can: enable the benefits of next gen office security and monitor performance to mitigate risk with centralized management to avoid issues in the future. We can assess the state of your workforce today and what you expect for the future, examining your existing technology and providing options for how to build on that and/or create a new solution.

It is typical to encounter malware incidents, long wait times and outages with traditional MSPs. At Nexus, we have short hold times and we properly staff with experienced individuals who can address issues effectively the first time. Our network stack follows a security framework to help you maintain  compliance. Nexus takes a proactive approach to Managed Services, assessing and fixing problems upfront, so we prevent future issues and get out of the constant break/fix cycle.

Yes, we have a dedicated team of experienced engineers based in the U.S.