Because You Just Need IT to Work

When time is revenue, the cost of IT issues adds up. Let Nexus handle your IT management – with as little or as much support as you need.

IT Support Designed for Professional Service Businesses

In a service business, time is revenue and the time your team spends on computer builds, networking and Wi-Fi or finding a path to the cloud cuts into time that could be spent servicing your customers. Nexus can lessen the burden on your team in many ways, whether that’s taking on everyday IT tasks and long-term planning or collaborating with your IT staff so they can focus on running other essential parts of your business. We specialize in shrinking your to-do lists and act as an extension of your team.

Fast, Simplified Same-Day Computer Builds

Computer Builds are one of the top frustrations for companies and it is an important first impression for their new employees.  Below is what we do to simplify and impress their new employees.

Eliminate IT Headaches with Our Expertise

With our “Virtual CIO” (VCIO) model, we interact with your organization as a member of the management staff and assist with strategic planning, budgeting, IT guidance and consulting. We analyze ongoing systems operations, look for efficiencies and develop an IT roadmap that supports your business goals. We are vendor-neutral and advise you on the right fit for the right budget based on years of engineering experience, not assumptions. We can provide this planning to your internal staff as guidelines for execution or we can actively participate in the execution with you.

Your Path to an “Always On” Network

Uptime, access to large files, data security – it’s all important to keep a business running smoothly, but there can be a lot of upkeep and equipment management to make it all work. Nexus offers a solution to the challenges of managing a network for business owners. Network as-a-Service provides everything you need for a reliable, secure and performant network at a stable monthly budget you can count on. You’ll never fall behind on security or bandwidth, because every five years you get a new equipment refresh (firewall, switches, access points, UPS) ensuring the business stays current without accumulating tech debt. Service also includes associated licensing, subscriptions, hosting fees, and replacement due to hardware failures.

Layered Cybersecurity Built In – Our Advanced Network Design

No one wants to experience a security breach with their data – particularly when important customer information and your reputation is at stake. Nexus designs networks from the ground up with security best practices in mind and follows a model of least privilege. This means that everything is assumed untrusted and implicitly blocked, unless explicitly granted. Our network designs use micro-segmentation to keep devices of different types and functions separate. All inter-network traffic must be inspected by the firewall running anti-malware, intrusion prevention and application visibility and we constantly monitor the network to prevent incidents.