Ensuring a Reliable Network – IT Matters.

When your business is reliant on technology to operate, maintaining close to 100% uptime is critical and the right IT partner can get you there. Proactive cybersecurity is one essential element to achieving that goal.

Proactive Layered Cybersecurity

Corporate networks are no longer best served with the “castle and moat” strategy of securing a well-defined perimeter, which assumed devices inside of the perimeter posed no threat. In fact, the edge firewall is only the first line of defense in a multi-layered security strategy. The best secured networks now protect from edge to endpoint.

Our Advanced Network Design
Nexus designs networks from the ground up with security best practices in mind to prevent your network from being compromised.

Proactive Layered Cybersecurity

“Least Privilege” Model assumes everything is untrusted and implicitly blocked unless explicitly granted.

Microsegmentation keeps devices of different types and functions separate.

Inter-Network Firewall inspects traffic running anti-malware and intrusion prevention.

Monitoring the Network to Prevent Incidents

Nexus manages and monitors all connections and traffic that traverse security appliances. Should an Incident of Compromise (IoC) occur, Nexus is alerted, automatically responds to ensure network integrity is maintained and remediates all systems that require it. Client workstations are protected with security software, which also integrates natively with the rest of this security fabric to eliminate areas of weakness throughout the system.

Our Security best practices include:

  • SIEM-SOC Monitoring
  • Spam Filtering
  • Advanced Content Filtering
  • AntiVirus
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Patching
  • Breach Detection and Response
  • Bitlocker Encryption
  • Password Protection
  • Password Management

Protection Beyond the Network: Security Awareness Training

The security industry has traditionally been focused on securing the “endpoints” or devices. However, endpoints are no longer just devices – they are people. Raising an organization’s security posture requires securing its people by educating them about risks.

Nexus offers security awareness training to heighten employee awareness of and ingrain vigilance around cybersecurity threats. Program elements include:

  • Initial phishing campaign for all employees to establish baseline
  • Entry level phishing training for all employees
  • Regular phishing simulation emails of moderate difficulty and high difficulty
  • Further education for those who engage with phishing attempts
  • Annual refresher training for all employees

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

As part of its layered security platform, Nexus offers cloud-to-cloud backup. This a critical component for the following reasons:

Business-critical data is highly vulnerable to loss due to human error, malicious intent, synchronization errors, hackers, malware, ransomware, cryptomining, phishing, outages and more. In fact, one in three companies experience data loss.

Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Box, and Dropbox all have clauses in their terms of service recommending use of a third-party back-up service. All CSP’s make it clear to users that the in-application recovery of deleted data is possible—but only within a few weeks or months. Beyond that, data is typically permanently irretrievable.

Information privacy laws demand that businesses encrypt their information, share in the responsibility for its abuse and loss, and prove they can recover it if needed.

Native recovery options, where available, are often time-bound, cumbersome and ineffective.

In the event of a breach, backup solutions that offer non-destructive point-in-time or granular restore with unlimited data retention help ensure rapid data recovery and business continuity.