Services that Scale to Your Needs

Whether you need help with a specific project or an IT leader to help you set strategy, we meet you where you are.

A Virtual CIO to Help You Stay Competitive.

We have a group of experienced engineers with a broad background across life sciences, professional services, construction, real estate and other industries, which allows us to offer this talent on a consultation basis for clients that need more strategic planning and advice to help achieve their goals. Our Virtual CIOs (VCIOs) work directly with you as an extension of your leadership team, delivering the IT expertise you need without the overhead. We examine potential risks to your business, cost savings and opportunities to be efficient with time and resources as you grow. Our VCIO provides a competitive advantage for all businesses, particularly small to mid-sized companies that are poised for growth.

How VCIO Services Simplify IT
for Your Team.

Finance & Budgeting

Finance & Budgeting

We work with finance to audit existing expenditures and make recommendations for efficiency and to avoid wasted resources, and create a multi-year budget plan for IT.

Audit IT Operations & Risk

Audit IT Operations & Risk

Our IT assessment takes into consideration how your business uses IT currently, future needs and potential risks in your existing workflow.

Present to Leadership & Execute

Present to Leadership & Execute

Based on our assessment, roadmapping and budget plans, we can present a full-scale plan to your executive committee and work with your internal resources and outside vendors to implement any changes and ensure deliverables are met.

Project Services – Exactly What You Need When You Need IT

Our technical expertise is also available on a project-by-project basis. These short term agreements focus on a specific need that requires advanced skills to maintain reliability and security. Each project is assigned a lead engineer who will plan and execute the work in alignment with your company’s business processes so there’s no disruption to your day-to-day. Our engineers operate with a focus on security, reliability and eliminating downtime and needless cycles for your staff. Projects vary widely based on need, but some common projects include:

  • Cloud Migrations
  • Server Upgrades & Migrations
  • Virtualization Upgrades & Migrations
  • Email Upgrades & Migrations
  • Networking & Wi-Fi Upgrades
  • Cloud Configuration
  • Wi-Fi Survey & Planning
  • Microsoft 365 Security Hardening
  • HIPAA & PII Compliance
  • Configuration Overhaul
  • Security Testing

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Yes, we can help! Our diverse experience positions us to navigate any situation. We can audit your existing set-up, challenges and goals and propose the best path to support those goals.

Yes, we can help identify security weaknesses and create a plan to address them quickly and prevent future issues. Our goal is to take you out of the endless cycle of incident management and automate security.

Nexus can identify problem areas within the building using wireless heat mapping technology and use that information to create the best possible internet installation and execution.

Project pricing is based on flat rates. Nexus project quotes are fixed fees, with no change orders to worry about and a budget you can plan around. We guarantee to make it work within the budget allocated.